Zeche Ewald

As a versatile future location, the Ewald colliery is a symbol of a successful structural change: In addition to companies from the logistics and hydrogen industries, the travesty theater RevuePalast Ruhr and in the future the Motorworld Zeche Ewald / Ruhr as a "space for mobile passion" are located here.

21 shareholders ("trades"), including the Essen entrepreneur and namesake Ewald Hilger, founded the mine in the south of Herten in 1871. The beginnings were difficult, but after the Second World War, Ewald was to develop into one of the most productive collieries in the Ruhr area, which at times employed 4.000 miners. Like many other collieries in the Ruhr area at the time, the Ewald union was also suffering from the lack of workers. She therefore carried out several recruitment campaigns in Silesia, northern Bohemia and in the Ore Mountains. For the immigrants and their families, she built miners' settlements near the pit, the first of which was built in 1874 on today's Elisabethstrasse and Sophienstrasse. After overcoming the difficult early years, a second shaft started production in 1892. In 1954, the colliery received the new central production shaft 7, in which the entire production was lifted until it was closed.

On April 28, 2000, operations on Ewald ceased. Mine architecture from three different mining eras, such as the Malakow Tower (1888), Shaft 2 with shaft hall (1928) and the double strut framework by the architect Fritz Schupp over the central shaft 7 from 1955, still characterize the site today. In 1954, Schupp also realized the shaft hall and the north and south hoisting machine houses. The steam hoisting machines were replaced by electric hoisting machines as part of the conversion from rack to skip hoisting in the 1980s. The 40 meter high scaffolding over Shaft 2 was rotated in 1986 for reasons related to materials handling; since then the sheave has been pulled from the south.

The Hoheward RVR Visitor Center is located in the former wages and light hall. In the interactive exhibition "New Horizons - On the Trail of Time" the topics of energy, seasons, planets and facts about the horizon observatory on the Hoheward heap and the sundial are explained. The listed colliery can be explored on the Ewald promenade and on a guided tour.

Ewaldstrasse 273
45699 Herten
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